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Our Services

Travel Questions | Free
I'm glad to answer any general questions you have.
Even if you don't choose to plan with us we are glad to be helpful.

Trip Quote | Free 
We help figure out a general plan for your Trip Plan and provide an estimate.

Trip Planning | Fee if applicable
We plan in depth and I provide as a final product a Detailed Itinerary Package for your Trip.
This would include exact costs, all of the booking and payment details, map, photos, and emergency contact list.
(If not booking through us fee = $50 per Trip Night)

Trip Payment | 5% Fee
I offer multiple convenient payment methods so you can pay for different Tours and Services through us.
Upon receiving payment I handle completing the reservations and payments for your trip and forward you confirmations.
Ex. Accommodations, Transportation, Tours, Park Entrance Fees, Etc.
*Some destinations and activities do not offer online, electronic, or credit card payment methods*

Shuttle & Transportation | Price Varies
We offer Shuttle and other Transportation services all over the country.
Point A to Point B | Day Rate

Trip Host & Guide | Price Varies

To join your group every step of the way and guide throughout the trip.
*Bilingual and EFR Certified*
*For some activities we would still hire a 'Local Guide'*

Accommodations | Price Varies
We own and manage multiple properties around the country.
Special Rates Available

1. You email me with some of your general questions and info.
2. We discuss your ideas, budget, and preferences to make a general quote.
3. We create a Detailed Itinerary for your Trip.
4. We process your payment to handle all bookings and other payments for your trip.
5. We pick you up at the airport and lead you on an amazing vacation.

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